Complete Build Journal


Parts to Purchase: Front Brake and Steering

Brakes:  Today I went to O'Reilly and purchased some front Caliper Brake Hoses.
 Front Left Brake Hose and Front Right Brake Hose.

 The Banjo Bolts, to hold the front brake lines to the Calipers, are hard to find.  I've cleaned mine up, and are reusing them.

Steering:  I was going to purchase some new Poly Bushings for the steering rack, but they look okay. They looked soft and pliable, so I'm staying with them for now.  The offset ones that are in the link may be better because they will help center the rack.

I was going to purchase new tie rod ends, but I found tie rods and tie rod ends in FFR kit.  So now I don't need to purchase those.  The Rack and Pinion Bellow also look good on steering rack, so I'll let those ride.

The Tie rod end dust boots are needed though.   The others that came with the kit are very thin and have already failed when I installed.  These new ones are thicker and will be better.