Complete Build Journal


POP OUT the PISTON: Restore Front Calipers and Front Rotors

I brought front calipers / steering rack / front rotors to work.

I'm going to try to clean the Brake Rotors , change out the tie rods on the steering rack, and get the pistons out of the calipers.

I was able to get the piston out of the caliper with compressed air.

Picking up the Angle Grinder ,  I was able to use the steel brush wheel on the rotors and get the rust off of them.  They look much healthier.  I was also able to get the tie rods loose from the main rack, but stopped short when they offered resistance with the rivet.  I've read that it will be okay to shear that rivet pin, so I'm going to go back out there after work and give it another try.