Complete Build Journal


Starting the Donor Cleaning and Inspection - Front Hubs, Spindles and Brakes

Annabelle helping me take off dust cap over front spindle castle nuts.

New Mustang Bearing and Hub Assemblies are about $50 each.  These donor assemblies don't wobble, and these feel smooth.  So, I think I'll keep them as they are.  It would be an easy fix if they start to go bad.  Inspected the front Caliper Assembly Pair Set , and learned from youtube how to restore them.  Very easy with little labor or parts ( ACDelco 18H198 Professional Durastop Front Disc Brake Caliper Boot and Seal Kit ).  Going to try to get the piston out by compressed air.  Should be an interesting experiment.

Emergency brake handle for free listed on the forum, but too late to get it.

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