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Getting the Rental Truck - Yikes!!

Part of the reason that I could do this purchase is because of the money that I was going to save.

That included shipping costs.  I figured I could run up to Virginia and pick this car up for around $500.  Shipping costs of a new Factory Five would be $1,100.  So immediately, I'm $600 in the black.

Then I started trying to find a moving van.  I couldn't just get a pickup with a trailer because of all the extra car components that I would be bringing back.  And, because everything was still in their cardboard boxes, I needed a covered vehicle in case of rain.

Well, moving trucks we getting $800 before the cost of gas!  Uh-oh!  

I finally ran across Penske Truck Rental.  They were offering FREE unlimited miles for one way trips.  So I thought that I'd rent in Richmond, VA and get the free mileage coming down to Savannah.  However, they wanted $770 for the one way trip!  

FINALLY, I found that if I go One Way from the Victory Drive store to the Abercorn St store in Savannah, I got the unlimited miles and a rate of $113!! I booked it for an additional day, and reserved it at $158.00.  I was in business!!

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