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Factory Five Roadster For Sale

This is how it begins....

I have a buddy at work who has built a Factory Five Racing Roadster, and is currently racing the car in Autocross.  When he was building the car, I was intrigued by how he was able to work on the car without a body to get around or under.  Being that I'm a tall guy, that was an attractive feature to me.   

His car is fast, loud and awesome!  

Friend's Factory Five Roadster

Since that time, I've kept my eye open for my own Factory Five. I've been on the forum for roughly 5 years admiring the other cars and new models of Factory Five cars.  

I've looked at the 33 Hot Rod and at the more affordable 818. 

But yesterday, Oct 6th, I saw the advertisement that I've been waiting for.  A previously purchased kit that has never been touched.  And at a discounted price!  

The ad is from a gentleman who has built a roadster before, and had ordered another one with a few changes over his first.  From his first one, he learned about things that he would have done differently.  So, this roadster includes the powder coating, the cut outs in the body already done by the factory, the Halibrand replica wheels, the 3-Link suspension, the Factory Five Lower A Arms, and the wind wings.  The parts were still in the original boxes, and the body had never been removed from the frame after factory shipping.  6 years it had sat in his garage without being worked on.

The seller also included in the price; the 5.0L engine, the 8.8 rear end, (2) drive shafts, (2) gas tanks, (1) gas tank cover, (2) T-5 Transmissions, power steering rack, power steering pump with reservoir, front spindles, front brakes with rotors, (2) pedal boxes, (1) brake master cylinder, bell housing, clutch kit, fuel line, radiator, and a starter.

He also gave me his old body buck, clecos, cleco tool, engine stand ($25), and 2 ton engine hoist ($100).  

I couldn't sleep the night I saw the ad; knowing that this is the car for me. Finally, a roadster that I could afford, with a lot of the leg work already done.  It wasn't going to get any better for my having a chance to do a complete build.

The adventure Begins!

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