Complete Build Journal


2nd Day of the Roadster Pick up.

First thing in the morning, I stopped by home depot by the hotel to get landscape timbers, and straps. The straps were to hold the smaller items in place, other than the frame and body.  Things like the engine, T-5 Transmission , clutch assembly, Flywheel , rear end, driveshafts,  Engine Hoist Cherry Picker, Engine Stand , etc.   The timbers were to load the car on top of for stability in the moving van.   Got to Ron's house around 8am.

We decided to take the body off of the frame before trying to load into the truck.  I was afraid that we would damage the fiberglass body. After thinking about the situation, I realized that the frame could fall off the cart, and not be damaged.  But if the body were to fall off with it, irreversible damage could occur.  I'm very glad we took the body off to move the car into the truck.

Once the body was off, Ron noticed that we could pick up the frame with the engine hoist from the rear and walk the frame into the truck.  It worked great!  A plus was that I could strap down the frame to the bed of the truck without needing to crawl around the body.

Once the frame was strapped in, Ron and I carried the body into the truck and set it on the frame.  We used the factory fasteners to attach the body back on the frame.   After the car was in, we loaded all of the boxes and auto parts.  I left his house at 4:30 and made it as far as Fayetteville, NC before spending the night.   What a busy and great day.  Thank you Ron.