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Rear End Finally Installed

After Breaking a bolt into the differential last night, I went to Ace Hardware to pick up SS bolts and a back out kit.

I was careful about torquing the bolts, but they all are now torqued and set to install.

Put some anti seize on the threaded inserts for the 3 link bars, and left 1/4"+ threads showing from the end of the jam nut.

There are no photos of installing the rear end over the pan hard bar bracing because I don't want to get shut down for safety concerns.  It was sketchy, but it is installed.  I left the car frame on the jack stands, so jacking the rear end to a high point concerned me if it were to fall.  I had jack stands on dollies, so when moving the axle towards the driver side for installation, the entire axle could travel to the side at a close to horizontal position.  I'm fortunate that thing didn't fall.

Spacers are put into the upper link.

Rear shocks had to be turned upside down so that they would clear the pan hard bar frame.  With the shocks the other way, the spring would interfere.

This is a big milestone for me.  I'm excited to see the car come together, and to see how all of the components put a car together.  I've never done anything like this before, and it's been a great experience.

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