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Wheels and Tires Installed just in time for Visitors

Little A helped me by putting some anti seize on the ID of the hub.  She mentioned the "This is like nail polish, but for boys."  I Love that she is helping me with this build.  She's learning a lot about cars and I'm learning a lot about her.

I Can't Resist!  I have to see how they look!!  I am thrilled with the look of the wheels, and am pleased with the size.
On the back I have 15"x9"s and on the front are 15"x8"s.  With all of the talk about Fox width, getting a large wheel/tire combos, etc; I was concerned about my decision to stay with the sn95 width.  I guess I was concerned because I want the car to look AWESOME and not having a set of 315's on the rear would rob that look.  NOT SO!  One reason that I didn't do the switch was because of money.  Purchasing the fox width with brackets for the brakes.  I really wasn't interested in making the purchase.  I have a set of 17"x10.5" and 17"x9" Halibrand wheels that came with my purchase.  Therefore I would need to make the rear end change to accommodate the extra width of the wheels and tires that would be used.  Purchasing these 15" halibrands solved that problem, and I'm thrilled with the look.

I got the rear end mounted just in time for some visitors from Atlanta.  My good friends came on down to the Islands for a couple of days.  They stopped in to say "Hi" and to see the car.  The two boys were very excited to see the car and to climb all around it.  It was a lot of fun for me to show them everything that had been done, and how parts of a car work.

Little A trying out the seat belt to see how it works.  

It was a very good day.  

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