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Breaking a Bolt on the Differential Cover

Now that the Differential is free from the frame, I thought I'd make sure that the torques are correct on the differential cover.  I took all of the bolts out of the cover and cleaned them with de greaser.  Then I soaked qtips with degreaser, and tried to clean the inside of the bolt holes too.  After all of that, I reinstalled the cover bolts and went to torque them down to 18 ft-lbs.  Of course one snapped when it continued to turn during torquing.

I went to Ace Hardware to pick up SS bolts, washers and an easy out tool.  That tool couldn't drill into the bolt.  Instead, it just tried to walk away from center.  So, I got a small drill bit, and drilled a pilot hole the best I could.  Once that was drilled, I tried the EZ out, and it STILL wouldn't drill into the bolt.  So I went back to the small drill bit.

Once I got the hole deep enough to be able to get a grab on it, I backed it out with the easy out.

This could have easily been done with regular tools.  I don't think there was any reason to purchase that EZ out.

All of the SS bolts and washers are in place and torqued.

It's ready to try to install again.  :)

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