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Recessed Battery Box

Trunk space is important to me becuase I'm thinking that we will go on fun trips in this car.  That being said, I was wanting to get the battery away from the stock location of in the trunk.  Breeze sells a battery location kit for the front of the car, but I'm not that interested in it.

Jeff Kleiner recessed his battery box in the trunk with a couple pieces of scrap metal.  So I thought that I could do the same with my build.  Taking the dimensions of the box I had a good idea of what my brackets would look like.

I had just purchased a 30" brake from Harbor Freight, so I was anxious to see how it performed.  I found some 1" aluminum flat bar and broke them to fit the shape of the battery box.

When I first tried it in the car, it didn't fit very well.  I was squeezing it in there between the 3/4" tubes.

But once I cut off the alum tabs at the ends of the bar, I was able to find a space for the box.   I used 1" self drill/tap screws to hold everything in place.

I'll be cutting out the access hole in the trunk deck to be able to reach the battery.  I'll also run remote terminals in case I ever need to charge the battery, I don't need to get to the battery itself.

I tried to get a battery in this box, and it wouldn't fit/drop in.  The (2) screws that are helping attach the battery box to the aluminum bar is getting in the way.  It was a tight fit!  I'm actually relieved that it didn't drop all the way in, because I don't know how I would have gotten it out.

(this is an old battery that just came out of the jeep)

I'm going to trim the sides of the battery box so that I can get some hands on the battery once it drops in.  I'm also going to look for a battery with a handle.  

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