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Preparing the 8.8 Rear End for Installation (Part 1)

Alright, let's start to get this rear end ready for install.  This thing really needs to be cleaned.

As I'm starting the cleaning, I immediately see that there is grease and oil coming from the pumpkin.  It was suggested on the forum that I could weld the pumpkin to the tubes.  I think I'll do that.

So first, I'm going to clean the rear end, and I am using brake cleaner to help.  It really did a good job.  

I took off the brake lines and hoses so that they will be replaced.

I had to use a cheater to get the bottom bolt loose that was holding the center brake hose bracket.

Then a torx bit to get the driver and passenger side brake hose brackets off of the axle.

I am using the Gunk Degreaser to clean all of the oil and grease off of the axle.  This does a fantastic Job.

Now time to weld the axle.  Spot welds that were on opposite sides of the axle were done first so that too much heat wasn't applied to one side to promote warping.  After the spot welds, 1"-2" welds were done on opposite sides of one another in the same way, until finally the entire tube was done.

Unfortunately, that new weld now interferes with the the 3 link Banana bracket.  Figures.

So now I need to grind off the new weld radius.

Now it's ready.

But the Banana bracket still doesn't sit well.  The weld on the side is now interfering.  So that needs to be off too.

Finally, the bracket is getting snug against the axle and pumpkin.

Making sure that the bracket is perpendicular to the axle.

Once the bracket is perpendicular, I punched a hole to know where to drill the support bracket in the pumpkin flange.

After providing spot welds on the banana bracket to hold in place, I couldn't get the bolts through the two halves of the bracket very easily.  I tried drilling with a 1/2" bit, but the bolts still wouldn't go in easily.  I finally took an end mill (1/2") and put that into the drill.  Now the bolts go in easily and free.

I had 1/2" bolts in place as I spot welded the small half of the banana bracket to the axle.

I think I'm ready to move to the next step.

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