Complete Build Journal


My Whitby Power Brake Nightmare (Day 2)

So when we left off yesterday, we couldn't get the booster through the Driver Side (DS) Foot Box (FB) Front Wall (FW).

This morning, I went to home depot early to pick up a 2-1/2-Inch Hole Saw and Foam Tape .  The hole saw is a 2.5" that should be able to cut through steel.  Make sure you don't purchase one for wood.  The Foam Tape is to fill the gap left by the spacers so that air doesn't blow into the footbox.

I made a cardboard template on the booster to be able to know where to cut the 2.5" hole in the DS front fb wall.  Located the cardboard template, but chewed It up with the hole saw when trying to cut.

So I had to make a wood template.  that worked much better by holding the bit in place.  It located the hole saw where it should be.  Used my corded drill to cut the hole, but the hole was in the wrong place by 1/2 inch.  I had to move the hole over and cut again.  This time the booster fit in and it worked.

But now the booster doesn't sit flush against the wall because it's hitting the flange bearing that is on the outside of the DS FB.  I had to move that flange bearing to the inside of the FB wall. 

I tried to install again, but this time the pedal box is hitting the flange bearing that I just put on the inside wall. I had to trim the pedal box, and now everything sits flush against the wall.  I tightened everything up and connected push rod to the brake pedal. I also tightened the steering rack and bearings up.