Complete Build Journal


Mocking Up Steering, I find a Gap in LCA Bushing - Russ Thompson Parts Ordered

Ordered Power Brake and PS Footbox extension from Whitby.  Also ordering Russ Thompson Throttle pedal and matching pads.  Tonight I found an error.  When mocking up the steering shaft to the rack, I noticed a small gap where my LCA mounting bolt is torqued.  It is a 0.060" gap on the rear frame bracket.  It's on both sides of the car, both on the rear bracket.  I'm going to need to take it apart and close that gap so that there is no play in the LCA when driving or braking.  Also, the Mk4 manual was very helpful as I was trying to mate the steering shaft to the steering rack.  It wouldn't mate as I had 2 female ends.  I looked for a part to join them, but it wasn't in my inventory.  The Mk3 manual didn't mention anything about it.  It wasn't until looking into the Mk4 manual that I found that you need to remove the adapter from the shaft, and then insert the shaft into the rack adapter.  I had two adapters.  Glad to have the Mk4 manual to help me with that.