Complete Build Journal


Back Home from Christmas Break

Well, it's nice to be back home.  I got a lot of work done on the blog, and was able to set it up how I would like it to look.  Now to get back to work with the car.

I would like to get Cobra Earl's trunk mod, the rear end and the gas tank installed in the next few  weeks.   That would make the car into a roller.

To do that, I would also need to align the front end.  I'll follow fasteddie's "get it close" photo to help with that.

Had a nice talk with Blair P. who is from Beaufort, SC.  I may try to meet up with him and a friend of his in the next week or so.  That would be nice to get to know a couple of local cobra owners.

Okay.  Football tonight and tomorrow, and then back at it.

Next: Opening up the 8.8 Rear End and Shoring up the Body Buck Cart