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Power Brakes? Kirkey Seat Purchase

Looking to purchase power brakes.  I'd like to have PB, and I'm reading that it would be hard to add at a later time.  Whitby has them for $399 complete.  Also found some on the forum.

PM sent for LCA $20 (Reg $209).  If I get those, I may sell my FFR LCA set for $300, and save $50 on a bushing kit.

PM sent for Passenger Roll bar $50 (Reg $299).

PM sent for intake and carb combo $275.

There is also a wiper set online for $400 (reg $499).

I need to get caliper rebuild kits, caliper paint, finish the steering rack, and get some tools (grease gun, etc).

I purchased the Kirkey Vintage race seat today for $200 on craigslist.  I found it used in Boston, and the guy is shipping it down. (reg$346)

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