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More Hood and Body Work (Trim for Rectangle Tail Lamps)

More body work as I do a couple of passes of filler in the hood scoop. I'm trying to put a thin coat on and round out the edges of the scoop to where it meets the hood. I realize when doing these things, that there is a "what I think is right" and a "how it should be" way to a lot of these items. And I'm not sure where I fall.

I'm glad to be doing the body work, and it has been a great experience so far.

2nd pass:

I've also trimmed out the body for the rectangle tail lamps.

I'm going to need to add fiberglass to get my mounting hole.

If you do these 2 bulb rectangle light boxes, don't make one 3.5" long as I did. The nut that holds the light to the box interferes with the box. Maybe 3.25" or even 3" with larger flanges would be better. (gold nut on the side)

I'm going to need to make extensions or get longer bolts to get past that wall. Otherwise, it's going to be a tricky one to change out a bulb.

Speaking of bulbs, I purchased some LED's to fit in my 1157 socket. I'll try these out soon.

I realize I just told you not to make your box 3.5" long.  But as I look at this photo below, I realize that I wouldn't have been able to fit these LEDs in if I made mine smaller.

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