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Yesterday, I started on the hood.

 I'll be lining up the scoop first, and hoping that it gets the rest of the hood in line with where it should be. I've heard that it's sometimes been an alignment issue, but I'm going to cross my fingers.

 I'll be trying to get a 3/16"ish even gap around the hood. right now, the hood is larger than the opening, so a little trimming will be needed to get it in the hole.  This is a stir stick in the gap.

I put 5/16" weather stripping on the body to lift the hood in plane with the body.

When flipping the hood upside down to smooth the scoop with body filler:

The first question I had was about the "adhesive" that bonded the scoop to the hood.

 I now suspect that it is a resin to bond the two together. I sanded down the extra with 40 grit, and tried to bring the edges together under the scoop.

I then softened up the grit to 80 grit and got the hard to reach places. Today, I'll put some filler in there to eliminate the fiberglass pattern.

I'll also be doing a little extension inside the scoop, so I sanded the gelcoat down to the fiberglass to be able to bond on my extension.

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