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Wiper Motor Mounted on the Firewall

I need to get the motor for the wipers mounted on the firewall so that i know if my heater installation will be interfering with it.

If there is one thing that I've learned about this build it's to plan ahead so that you reduce the amount of "re-doing" things because they conflict with one another.

This wiper motor needs to be in place so that I can mock up the heater.  And because I'm concerned about the depth of the gauges; The heater needs to be in place before i put in the dashboard.  I also want the heater in place before doing the wiring.

All of this so that I can see that they don't conflict with one another.

So, what I've read about mounting the wiper motor is that you want to have the drive screw follow the arch in the body or firewall.  So I mounted it as far to the passenger side as possible so that I will make room for the heater in/out ports.  But not too far that I'm off the support of the forward firewall angle.  I want to have it rigid so that there is no flexing when it is in motion.

These photos show how I could have interference if I didn't mount the wiper motor before the heater.  In both cases, I would have needed to redo the heater if I didn't have the wiper motor mounted first.  I MUST have a wiper motor to get my VIN from the state of GA.

I used a 3" muffler clamp to hold it against the firewall.  This is to mock it up right now.  For the final install, I will have some rubber material between the motor and the clamp to help keep in place for the long haul.

Initially, the screw on top of the motor was touching the 3/4" frame tubing, but after receiving comments, I lowered it to clear the tubing.

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