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Brake Reservoirs and their location

I purchased some of the aluminum Brake Reservoirs on the forum.  I like the look of the cylinders.

I was waiting for the firewall to be in place before I was going to mount them.  That's because my first thought was to mount them on the firewall, but then my mind changed.

I like the look of them mounted to the frame next to the master cylinder.  I decided to mount them on that 3/4" tubing that runs one side of the hood line.  

As Long as they are under the top of the 3/4" tube, they wouldn't interfere with the hood (is what I read).  The problem came in two forms: One was the necking of the tubing as it angled down to get to the cylinders.  The following photo shows the concern.  The other problem was the concern that air may get in the peak of the line if the brake fluid ever got below half way in the reservoir.

I sent an email to Factory Five to ask if these were valid concerns, and they replied saying that it probably wasn't the best placement.

So I've moved them to the firewall.  Whitby sent a bracket with the brake kit that allows you to attach to the firewall and offset the reservoirs 6" so that they are not under the body.  That will allow them to be accessible to add fluid when needed.

I first trimmed the bracket by 2.5" depth to accommodate for the forward firewall added to the car.   Then I added pieces of the diamond plate to the bracket so that it has the same appearance as the firewall.  Once trimmed to fit on the shear, I riveted them into place.

I used self drill and tap screws to fasten the reservoir brackets to the diamond plated bracket.  Doing this proved to be difficult because i had to get through both the diamond plate and the bracket behind it.  Otherwise the screw would push back the bracket plate and risk separating the rivets.

Once the screws were through, I mounted the reservoirs to their brackets.

I will try to run the hose into the DS footbox and keep it a clean look.  I'll do that after most of the wiring is in place so I don't get the hose in the way.

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